The Burrito Blanket


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You Love Burritos? SO DO WE! 🌯😍

Our burrito blankets are handcrafted with high-quality polyester & fleece materials that are sure to last. Just like an actual burrito, these specialty blankets will help you stay warm and toasty all year long!

Now you can relax on your couch differently. 😊

Whether it's living room decor or simply a unique blanket to show off to your friends. You can't go wrong with Our Original Blanket.

So have a little fun and become The Burrito! 😂

Why Burrito Blanket? 

  • 100% Soft and Plush Microfiber.
  • Become a giant human burrito 
  • Roll yourself up or with a friend.
  • Great gift for all ages.
  • Fun at parties, the beach, picnics, camping or just lounging on the couch.
  • Crafted with 100% polyester and sherpa fleece
  • Printed design on front with reverse white side
  • This blanket is super cozy and Warm.

Awesome one for :

  • People who love burritos
  • Babies who will love burritos in the future
  • People who don't yet know that they love burritos

Round or rectangle we've got you covered, the Burrito Blanket comes in 5 sizes.


  • Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle
  • Tumble dry on low heat

The Package Includes :1 x Burrito Blanket